When the owner learned that the treatment of the Dalmatian would cost 50,000 rubles: he acted like hero

Interessante Gerüchte

A couple brought a stunning Dalmatian for a checkup to a veterinary clinic outside of Moscow.

The dog, who was undoubtedly fresh to the clinic, was afraid and clung to his handler with his entire body.

He was unable to stand due to the fact that three of his legs were shattered.

Anfisa most likely rushed out in front of a car, since her owners had not secured a leash when they brought her for a walk.

The doctor informed the owners that the dog may be treated, but that surgery would be necessary.

The entire cost of the therapy would be around 50,000 rubles.

The owner of the Dalmatian inquired about the expense of euthanizing the pet as soon as he learned of the amount.

The veterinarian said that since the animal was generally in good health and the fractured leg could be fixed, euthanasia was not required.

Despite the fact that the Dalmatian’s look made it evident they were not in distress, their owners refused to heed the veterinarian’s advice.

At last, the dog’s owners simply set it down on the clinic’s floor before turning and walking away.

Anfisa gazed at the doctors expectantly, as if pleading with them to help her, but the veterinarians had no alternative but to put the animal to sleep because its owners were no longer interested in it.

A member of staff at the clinic called because we frequently bring our pets there.

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