The most incredible moment when the train conductor decides to stop the train in order to save the roaming dog


This unique story is about a train conductor who luckily saved the life of a dog!

You may be shocked if you know how brave he was.

A train conductor in Santiago didn’t think much about stopping his train in order to save the roaming dog’s life.

I am sure not all the people would go on such a brave deed!

But this train conductor did his best! One of the train passengers Vanesa captured this wonderful rescue moment !

The man at first was not sure if the dog would allow him to approach and not get rejected or hit by him.

However, to his surprise the dog was very accepting.

The train driver took the dog by his neck and lifted him.

This was one of the bravest rescues in the whole history.

The other railway worker helped to save the dog.

“ It’s bad that we had a setback but it would be hard for me to just pass by without helping him“ said the driver.

The world needs more of this kind of passengers. He is such a wonderful hero!

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