White sisters with unusual eyes: Iris and Abyss are so beautiful

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In February 2021, Pavel found them through an ad and immediately fell in love. He didn’t want to separate the twins and took two at a time.

Pavel has launched a page on Instagram for everyone to admire the unusual appearance of his stuffed pets. Meet the stunningly beautiful twin cats Iriss and Abyss.

Nature rewarded these two beauties with snow-white hair and different-colored eyes. This characteristic is called heterochromia – a relative excess or lack of melanin.

Pavel immediately saw spice in this and took two twins at once.

Unusual eye color and white fur are a generous gift of nature for these ordinary cats.

On social networks, they do not believe that Iriss and Abyss have no race and attribute them a kinship with the Turkish Angora.

The sisters have nearly 200,000 subscribers and their numbers are growing rapidly. Many foreign media have already paid attention to it, and every day it is becoming more popular.

Externally, Iriss and Abyss are very similar, but the characters are completely different.

The owner said that Iriss is more friendly and fawns immediately when he comes home, but Abyss, on the contrary, is wary and behaves like a real cat. They both like to pose for pictures.

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