A fantastic story of a dog who tries to comfort the upset teen girl who decides to adopt him the next day


Dogs are such cute and sweet creatures. They are full of love and care towards the ones they love.

The scene when a shelter dog hugged a stranger having a heart attack totally changed their lives.

This wonderful stray dog named Picasso came to the Humane Association as a roaming dog.

Whenever he came to the shelter, it was obvious that he is a very sweet and kind-hearted dog.

He was very sociable and playful and can perfectly walk on a leash.

They are the kind of dogs that simply adore to have a long nice walk and very often may stop to smell the beautiful roses surrounding them.

When he came to the shelter, the staff decided to let the world know about the adoptable dogs by taking them for a walk in the city’s holiday parade.

“ I just wanted to make that night the most wonderful in his life and find owners for him“.

During the parade the dog passed by a girl who seemed to look a bit “upset“.

Seeing that the dog decided to approach her. At first the girl didn’t know why the dog was approaching her.

Soon, she understood that he was not going to attack her.

The sweet dog only wanted to raise her nose up to see if I feel well.

That moment was so heartwarming and sweet!

Later the dog got adopted by that same family whom they met during the parade.

We are so excited and happy Picasso has found a loving home!

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