Why did Grandpa learn to knit at the age of 86: It becomes the sense of his life for ever

Interessante Gerüchte

Engineer Ed Moseley is now retired. In Ackworth, Georgia, he resides in a care facility.

The elderly were requested to knit wool caps for preterm babies a few months ago.

Ed wanted to help, but didn’t know how. The daughter delivered her father the required supplies and instructions.

Grandpa began taking knitting lessons. Ed knit the first hat in an hour; the subsequent ones went more quickly.

He even started instructing others. Together, they produced 300 hats, of which Ed was responsible for 55.

The newborn intensive care unit in Atlanta received the caps as a donation.

Ed has taken up knitting as a pastime. He now knits hats not only for infants but also for friends and family.

When taking orders, he doesn’t want payment; all he requires is the yarn.

She feels good doing the job. She never gets tired of doing it.

At the end of each piece, she looks forward to whom she has to please.

In his old age, when he cannot do physical work, he can only do his favorite work and live surrounded by good people.

Enjoy your life anywhere. Life is the best price from God. Appreciate all you have in your life.

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