Why the dog ended up in the hospital bed next to the boy:It is a heartwarming story


James, a resident of Wellington, is autistic.

As usual, the kid hated it. But when Mae, a Labrador service dog, entered the home, everything changed.

James has gotten quieter thanks to the lovely dog, even outside. James is waiting patiently with Mae after the boy’s mother suggested that

they can now enter the places full of people.

When the boy went outside, the dog accomplished him. A unique harness is used to secure the lovely boy and the animal together.

Mae sits down and stays still when James flees.

Once per week, the pet was permitted to stay at James‘ school. They think the animal has a positive impact on the other special needs pupils in the class as well.

James had to go to the hospital for testing after one day when he started having seizures.

An MRI of the boy was brain was planned.

Close to the boy’s bed was the dog. Before the procedure, Mae was allowed to crawl up onto James‘ bed.

Mae was concerned as the boy was taken away for the exam. When the pals were reunited after the hard procedure, James was immediately calmed by Mae’s presence.

The mother of the boy claims that their lives improved significantly as a result of Mae.

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