Woman has been afraid of dogs all her life until she met a dog what was afraid of people

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Teresa Hwang, 51, a teacher from Canada, has been afraid of dogs all her life. Her fear is understandable – the dogs bit her twice.

But one day in the life of a woman, Boo appeared randomly – a dog with a mirror problem who was afraid of people. Together, these two proved that love can overcome any fear.

The description said Boo was an Australian Cattle Dog mix. In connection with the difficult past, he needs a quiet, non-noisy environment and care.

So Teresa decided it was fate. That day, she took Boo home, and this boy, like her, started a new chapter in his life.

The first months were not easy – the dog could not get used to the new house. He followed his mistress everywhere but did not fully open up to her.

The owners decided to gain the trust of the dog by any means – Teresa studied special

literature on cynology watched videos and did everything to make Boo feel comfortable.

Finally, Boo felt safe. He started wagging his tail more, eating in the presence of the owners, and even licking the owner’s nose.

After a few months, he started playing with the ball and didn’t hesitate to bark. Each of his accomplishments was a joy for Teresa.

She couldn’t hold back her tears as she watched Boo, relearn how to be a dog.

It’s been two years since Teresa and her partner took Boo. Only now, this boy completely

trusts them, loves them, and thanks them with all his heart.

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