Woman is 36 and she has already given birth 11 times: but would want additional children

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American, Courtney has a large family and a very happy home life.

She and her hubby have added a new child practically every year since they were married in 2008.

The family now has eleven children after the newest member was born in November of last year. Recently, a woman

acknowledged that neither she nor her partner would give up.

Courtney and Pastor Chris, who are now 32 years old, got married in 2008 and have been successfully rearing a family ever since.

Six wonderful boys and five cute girls make up our family of eleven; the youngest child was born in November of last year.

The mother of a number of cubs claimed that her family of fifteen lived in a cozy house on a small farm, spent $1,200 per month on food, and traveled in a pickup truck.

Insisting that they have plenty of time to be cautious with each of their children, Courtney and her husband have chosen to educate their offspring.

In addition, Courtney frequently brings her own kids to work and teaches neighborhood kids‘ Sunday school.

She „loves being pregnant,“ which is to say that she likes the process of getting ready for delivery and naming the baby.

She and her husband probably won’t give up because they want at least 14 children.

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