Woman thought she was carrying a child, but triplets were born: What they look like 20 years later

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Twenty years ago, Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz, triplets, were born in an Iranian household. The girls now reside in London, are active on social media, work for well-known companies, and are advancing their modeling careers.

The mother of the girls had intended to have a kid throughout her pregnancy, but triple delight went to their heads.

Parents were overjoyed that three beautiful girls joined their family, but they were struggling financially.

Despite the challenges, the kids were loved and given the finest upbringing possible.

The fate of girls has already been chosen in the eastern nation according to their own customs and traditions.

But they went a different route. The daughters had wonderful upbringings. The triplets had to be courted and married after reaching adulthood.

However, the sisters disliked this custom and desired a different outcome.

The parents backed their children’s decision because they loved them. The father personally purchased their plane tickets, arranged for housing, and expressed his wishes for their happiness.

Iranian women of beauty desired to be models. They actually had a good chance of doing this because nature had given them a radiant aspect.

They each have a page on social media for three people. Here, they share their best pictures.

Each female has a personal profile where she posts information about her private life.

The sisters‘ account currently has 300,000 subscribers who subscribe because they find them to be beautiful.

Numerous photographers are drawn to the triplets.

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