The white tiger and the white lion have the most wonderful and sweet babies worth admiring

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This heartwarming story about Yeti, Odlin and Apollo will simply make your day!

This wonderful brother is a perfect combination of lion and tiger.

It’s important to note that there are 1000 species of them in the world.

According to the statistics white lions are very rare, and these three are one of the sweetest exceptions!

Avery and Saraswati live in South Carolina with their children.

The sanctuary where these beauties live is called T.I.G.E.R.

The sanctuary used to breed tigers there! One of the biggest tiger named Hercules is officially known as the largest cat in the world.

It is very big weighing 922 pounds and despite its big size, it likes playing with his friends and grandchildren.

Tiger cubs are more friendly just like the ones of the lions.

All of them have their unique personality features!

Apollo is one of the smallest and sweetest of them that likes being petted and loved.

Yeti strives to get the most attention. Four of them are sweet and unique and weigh around 200 kilograms.

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