World’s oldest person turns 119: Happy birthday beautiful mom be healthy and loved

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The oldest person on Earth’s age is continuously updated by the Guinness Book of Records.

The oldest person in the world, Francisca Susano, passed away in the Philippines in November of last year at the age of 125.

She is a Japanese woman who also resides there. Kane Tanaka is her name. On January 2nd, 1903, Mrs. Tanaka was born. She was Kumakiti and Kuma Ota’s seventh child out of eight children.

By Japanese norms at the time, the girl’s life was utterly routine. She wed her own cousin Hideo Tanaka in 1922.

Tanaka’s four children were born to a girl, and the family also adopted a daughter.

During World War II, she lost both her husband and her oldest son. The adopted daughter also perished during these traumatic experiences. Kane spent all of his life working in the rice cake and udon store owned by his family.

She did, however, quit at the age of 63 owing to health concerns.

True, a woman doesn’t spend much time with her family.

Doctors at the nursing home where she currently resides worry that active interaction could exacerbate her health, despite the fact that she has received the coronavirus vaccination and is now the oldest of those who have received it.

Kane Tanaka is still rational. . Kane enjoys math and calligraphy as well. She thinks it helps her maintain her mental health. Kane hopes to live for at least five more years.

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