You have to know why you shouldn’t blow on your dog: it is positive story

Positive Schwingungen

Do you know why you shouldn’t blow on your dog?

A dog mainly uses its sense of smell, hearing, and sight.

When one or more of these senses are disturbed, the dog can feel insecure. However, when you blow very hard in the head, it has consequences on his body.

Indeed, the eyes or the nose dry out, thus causing the dog to lose its bearings (it is thanks to the humidity of its muzzle that the dog can smell so many different smells).

Moreover, when you blow in his ear, not only does he no longer hear anything, but what he feels is particularly unpleasant.

As proof, ask a friend to do the same with you, and we’ll see how you react.

A healthy handler-dog relationship is always based on respect. You respect the character and needs of your dog, and he respects your rules of life.

Thus, a common life can be envisaged. However, when you break the trust your dog has given you, it can quickly become aggressive.

So don’t be surprised if your dog reacts badly when you blow on him.

He doesn’t understand why you’re doing something so hateful to him for free, and can instantly lose faith in you.

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