You will be speechless when you see the parrot’s reaction when the baby starts crying

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When the baby begins to cry, watch the parrot’s reaction and be left in awe.

When kids and dogs first interact, one could feel a little uneasy.

How does an animal accustomed to receiving special treatment from its owners respond when a new baby is welcomed into the family?

Very protective parents frequently worry about how their newborn will be able to interact with the outside world.

They sometimes take the animal away when it comes close to the baby in an effort to keep the child safe.

Instead, these parents let their infant to get to know the household cockatiel.

The small bird used the chance presented by the baby’s weeping to sing to it.

The infant is lying on the ground, investigating his surroundings, and is delighted to hear a parakeet singing for him.

When the infant was barely two weeks old, the video went viral. The young youngster simply cannot take his eyes off the bird since it is so fascinating to him.

The cockatiel sings louder to soothe the baby the more it sees of it. This baby definitely likes the song of the parakeet more than a lullaby, that much is clear.

When you look at it, you soon comprehend why. No one on the internet could help but smile at this charming scene.

The moment the video was posted, it rapidly went viral.

This is undoubtedly the nicest scene you will witness today. View the video to see what this cockatiel has in store for the two-week-old baby!

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