You will be speechless and in surprise when you see where the man and the dog have been living for years

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You will be speechless when you see where the man and the dog have been living for years

This man is 67 years old, but he works hard every day and creates artificial caves.

This man digs tunnels with the simplest tools at his disposal. He uses a shovel, cart, and other tools.

The man loves his job very much, and he takes great pleasure and pleasure in doing this job every day.

Of course, he receives a small reward for all this, but he never aspired to fame or fortune.

This man has no education. One day he woke up and decided to dig caves. He wants his work to be appreciated by people.

The man started digging his cave in 1987. He could not have imagined that one day this cave would become so famous.

Since there were no safety rules in the cave, it was closed to visitors.

The caves created by Ra Paulet are so beautiful that it is difficult to say how much they will cost.

The man has dug 14 caves so far, and now he is working on the 15th, which will be the best and biggest of his works.

The man has been working on the creation of his largest cave for 10 years. He was even offered a job, but he refused because he had to be inspired to be able to create

You can watch the details in the video, which is posted below.

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