You will be surprised to see this woman’s gesture to a stray dog

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You Will Be Surprised To See This Woman’s Gesture To A Stray Dog

In Turkey, a surveillance camera recorded a seemingly banal scene, but full of altruism.

We see a stray dog lying in front of a store, then a young woman getting out of it before turning to the animal. She thought no one was watching.

But she was wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to improve the daily life of a dog with whom life has not been kind.

And it’s also the simplest kind of caring that can inspire others to express their sense of compassion more.

This is what Duygu Elma hopes, when she did not expect at all to find herself so publicized after having made this gesture which she believed to be completely innocuous towards a dog.

In front of the entrance to the establishment was a stray dog in a white and black coat.

The poor quadruped had only found this place to rest when the day was cold and rainy.

The footage then shows a young woman coming out of the cafe and about to unfurl her umbrella, but she noticed the animal.

She then decides to stop rather than go on her way like most people.

After looking at him several times, she took off her scarf to put it on the dog and thus allow him to warm up a little, before walking away.

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