You will be surprised to see the parrot’s reaction when the baby starts crying

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You will be speechless when you see the parrot’s reaction when the baby starts crying

It can be a little scary when pets and children meet for the first time.

How does an animal used to being spoiled by its masters react when a newborn joins the family?

Parents who are very protective of newborns are often concerned about how their child may interact with the world around them.

Sometimes, when an animal approaches the child, it tends to push it away to protect it.

However, these parents did the exact opposite and let their child meet the family cockatiel.

The baby cried, and the little bird took the opportunity to sing to the baby.

The little one lies on the ground, explores the world around him, and is happy when a parakeet sings to him.

The video went viral when the baby was just two weeks old. The child is simply fascinated by the bird and cannot take his eyes off it.

The more baby looks at the cockatoo, the more it sings to comfort the little one! One thing is certain, this baby prefers the song of the parakeet as a lullaby.

When you look at it, you immediately understand why. A joyful scene that left no one indifferent on the internet. The video quickly went viral after it was released.

The scene is definitely the cutest you’ll see today! Watch the video what this cockatiel has in store for the two-week-old baby is truly wonderful!

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