This cute whale magically falls in love with the zookeeper and is jealous of him

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We have prepared for you the most unusual story about the marine life!

We are sure this one will truly make your day!

In one of the aquarium’s in South Korea the female worker had a new lover !

The whale fell in love with her and what’s the most interesting is even jealous of her.

This playful and sweet whale has showered the staff with water.

This sweet beluga whale’s name is Tina and she is a jealous whale!

One day the whale spat water on one of the female staff workers.

The reason for doing so is that the woman stood near her lovely worker!

You are still thinking that animals do not have emotions?

Tina is always excited and happy to see her favorite worker coming to her.

She likes getting showered with love and affection !

The man was very attentive towards her and Tina got attached and clingy!

Beluga whales are considered to be the most intelligent ones.

In order to get rid of that problem the aquarium has decided to acclimatize her to other beluga whales.

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